Dragon City Hacks & Cheats :- Unlimited Gold, Gems and Food
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Technology is making the world of gaming more fun by the day. The best thing is that as more games are being invented, the larger the age group is widening. This means, although online games were mostly advisable for young adults over the age of 18 years, it is now possible to find many games that can comfortably be played by teenagers under parental guidance.

Dragon Hack is one of the best games you can play on the social network, and the Social Point initiated it. The Facebook version was officially launched on 8th of May 2012 followed by the iOS which saw its light of day in 2013 (exactly one year after the Facebook version was launched). The Dragon City Hack targets the mid players, and it allows the player to come up with the city which is followed by constructing a large Dragon City at an island.

Although this information has not yet been established to be true, it is said that, after the game was released, in less than one year, it had become the second top games in the Facebook. It also became among the top 25 most sort-after games of the year in 2012. One of the main things that have made its popularity spread that fast especially among young people is the fact that it is readily available online and getting free gems and gold is also easy.

Step by step generation guide of Dragon City Hack

1. Select your platform: choosing the platform you’ll use to play the game is usually the first step.

2. Connect to your account: This is where the gamer enters their Dragon City Username.

3. Gems: The third step involves selecting a number of Gems especially if you are buying them. Remember these are the determining factor of how fan your game will be.

4. Gold: The last step involves selecting the amount of gold you want to purchase. Just as the gems, the more gold you have, the more fun your gaming will be.

5. Generate: Click “Start Generator” and tool starts generating free gold and gems on your account.

Note: to ensure the servers don’t intercept your connection; it is important to key in a given Proxy Connection Encryption code. Once this is correctly done, you will be ready to start the generation process. Follow every step properly that the generator show to get immediate gems and gold.

Features of the Dragon City Game Hack

What makes different online games fun and exciting or tedious and tiresome are the incorporate features. When it comes to the Dragon Game, it also has the characteristics that make it unique and stand out among many other social online games. Some of these features are as follows:

• The gamer has the right of socializing with other players by choosing to join various alliances which also gives you an opportunity to compete with experts and masters of the game. You can also engage in alliance races, chats or better still, launch alliance chests.

• Every week, there are new dragons (newcomers) available on this game. These dragons either come from the alliance events or the Island.

• The Dragon game has a magical feature that allows you to call out the dragons from their magical world and they appear. Once they seem, look at the skill they apply and try them out.

• There is a dragon book available for the gamer to fill in which gives him/her an opportunity of breeding over five hundred dragons. You can then collect the newly bred dragons to enhance and widen your Dragon City.

• Other than breeding new dragons, there are available Orbs that help your dragons get new strength making them stronger and mightier.

• Once you are good at the game, you can take it a step higher by accessing the advanced features. However, for you to gain access to these advanced features, you need to unlock them first. Examples of the advanced features available are; the former or ancient world and the Guardian Dragons.

• For you to be able to play this game in different devices without any limit, it is advisable to log in using your Facebook account. At the same time, accessing it through Facebook helps the player have his baby dragon at all times since it can only be accessed through a portable device.

• It is also important for the player to understand that he/she has the right of joining the Dragon Quest which is available at the PvP Arenas. The PvP Arenas merely is where one gets an opportunity of competing with the Dragon Masters. The PvP’s main aim usually is to claim the Warrior’s Chests which ranks you high in the leaderboards and also helps you to take the dragons.

• It is, however, important to understand that the competition at the PvP Arenas is ordinarily tough as one competes with more than 80 million tough Dragon City Masters.

Dragon City Game Hack Generators

The question with many gamers and especially the newcomers is whether it is possible to earn the dragons and gems. Although it involves some steps, the answer is always “yes.” This is mostly possible when you use the Dragon Hack tool as mentioned above. These hack tools have been invented, developed and published by experts and hence once you get the right ones, they will be safe to use.

The best thing about these hack tools is that they are available for all gamers despite their location globally. Using the hack tools also gives you access to all the resources and items that have a restriction. At the same time, these tools don’t task you with paying for the acquired resources or filling a survey to use them. The developers came up with the idea of the hack tools to ensure the gamers were fully engaged in the game.

There are hundreds of Dragon Hack Tools available on the internet. It is straightforward to find them since all you need is to enter “Dragon City Hack” search string on Google and you will be given hundreds of websites that offer the tools online. For that reason, it is imperative to be very careful with the choice you make. There are hundreds of sites that promise to offer free unlimited gold, gems, and dragon foods. Some are genuine while some are operated by fraudsters who are out there to exploit desperate players.

At the same time, testing all these websites to search for the genuine ones might take you even days. It is therefore vital to have a few tips at the back of your mind of what you need to look for when searching for genuine websites. Below are a few common characteristics of actual Hack tools websites;

• The first and the most common way of generating the gems, golds, and foods usually is by purchasing them. The cheapest gems are sold at $1.99 which gives you 25 gems only while the highest traded are 700 gems which go for $99.99. This is the main reason why many fake websites have been created since they know not many people can afford such kind of money.

• The best sites should not push you to download anything to your device to access their services. This is because most of these downloads are a virus which mean harm than good.

• The Dragon game cheats should also be easy to use even for first-time gamers. The instructions provided should be simple and easy to understand.

• The website should also have protective measures that protect your account from being banned or getting detected. Their coded encryption system should be of high quality.

• The site should also not demand personal information of the player as this can be taken as intruding in their privacy.

• The website should be easily accessible through any device.

Advantages of using Hack tools

There are very many advantages of using the available hack tools when playing the game and some of the most common ones include;

1. You get sufficient provision of food to feed your dragons.

2. They are easy to use and make the game more fun for you.

3. You get access to an unlimited number of gems as well as gold.

4. If you get the genuine tools, they are free from bugs and virus.

5. The tools can be used on any browser including Android and iOS.

What are the rewards for players in this game?

As we mentioned earlier, this game is found on Facebook hence it is played on the same platform. Once a player gets into the game and is lucky enough to win a game, he/she is given some rewards which include;

  • Ten gems.
  • Game currency that is typically used to purchase various items and dragons.
  • One can also be rewarded with a Dragon among many others.

There are various generators of the Dragon City games which can also be accessed online. This means, playing the game is easy and can be accessed by anyone who is computer literate. This game also has come up with a new version with great characteristics which include;

  • It has puzzles that allow gamers to play and get dragons among many other gifts.
  • The new version has also been installed with a greenhouse which grows food which the dragons feed on to help them remain excited and healthy.
  • It has also come with over one hundred dragons which make it possible for you to get full collection hence, giving you an adventurous moment.
  • The dragon heart in this version is accessed through the stomach.
  • Other than being able to have access to many dragons, the gamer will also get an opportunity of meeting new dragons every week.
  • There are a maximum number of 10 types of dragons that the player will need to combine and interbreed. These dragons include; Ice, Legend, Dark, Pure, Terra, Nature, Metal, Sea, Flame and Electric.
  • This new version also gives the gamer an opportunity to construct a city with magical structures. The other players will on the hand be extended to do the same.
  • For the gamer to show his prowess in the game, he/she will have to engage in an online dragon battle and compete with other players. By doing so, you will be able to show the maximum power of your dragon.

NB: It is essential to breed the different types of dragons available for you to get new and stronger hybrids. This will also give you a more and better experience in the Dragon game as you will have more activities and missions to accomplish.

What are these gems and gold used for?

Once you have managed to get the right hack tools, you might be stranded on how to use them in playing the game especially if you are a new gamer. Below are a few processes or guidelines on how to go about it.

i. Activating the hack tools

The first and the most important thing one needs to do is to activate the hack tools. This is because they will be of no use to you if not enabled.

ii. Constructing your city on the Island

As we had mentioned in the introduction of the game, one of the main activities of the game is creating your city on the Island. Once the city is built, you will need to see it grow by bringing in dragons, buildings, and habitats.

iii. Evolve and feed your dragons

Once you have built your city and brought in as many dragons as you were able to, it is time for you to start feeding and evolving them. Remember, for you to become one of the Hack Masters, you’ll have to engage in online battles with your dragons. Hence, these dragons have to be full for them to be strong enough to fight. At the same time, ensuring they are always full helps them become strong and might as well as interbreeds quickly. Once they are strong enough, you can then start training them before they get into the battle.

iv. Get as many dragons as possible

Since you have enough food to feed your dragons, ensure you get as many as possible to help your magical city grow. The least number of dragon breeds one should have is 600, and they should be of different characters and hybrids. This will also make it easier for you to complete and fill your main Dragon Book which is one of the requirements of the game. It is essential to understand that there are rewards for collecting the highest number of different dragon hybrids.

v. Get to the battlefield and do your best to emerge the winner

Once you are confident your dragons are ready for competition, it is now the right time of getting to the battlefield with the other players and masters. Give it your best shot and have confidence that you will emerge a winner.

Once you give it your best shot and you defeat your competitors, there are always exciting rewards awaiting you. At the same, it also helps you get confident to enter into many other exciting activities which are available in the game. The most common activity is the Dragon City – Tree of life (Worrier Chest and Orbs) as well as Dragon City- Tree of Life (Primal Elements).

• Worrier Chest and Orbs

This mainly involves collecting as many Orbs as possible as they help you to collect other new dragons, hence building up your city.

• Primal Elements

The Primal Dragons are expected to come to the Dragon City tree of life (the Pure, legend and the Primal elements). For the masters and experts to succeed in this activity, they have to combine their effort and power to manage to call or summon the Primal Dragons from their imaginary world. The fact that all Multiverse links to the same tree of life have made it easier for the Dragon Game Masters to combine their powers by linking via the roots.

Other simple ways of earning more gems

  • Watch specified advertisements: This is one of the most straightforward ways since all one needs is good internet flow and you’ll be good to go.
  • Completing a survey: It is essential to be very careful of the information you give in these surveys and the site you are dealing with. This is because some fake sites are claiming to offer free gems.
  • Purchasing them: Gems can be purchased with dollars where fifty gems go for $3.99, and the highest number of gems is 4500 that goes for 199.99 dollars. Although this is a bit demanding, it is the most comfortable of them all.

More About The Dragon City Game

Although one can buy more gems and dragons, to give them more playing chances and make the game more fun, it is important to understand that the game is absolutely 100% free. Once you have downloaded and installed it into your device, you will be able to play it anytime and anywhere around the globe. However, the player can decide to buy in-app items and the players need real money (dollars) for this and not game currency.

The in-app items can, however, be disabled by turning off if not needed by the gamer. At the same time, one can cancel the purchase of these items at the given settings on your phone device or any other device the gamer is using. Other than Dragon Hack, the player can also enjoy other games like Monster Legends and World Chef once they have downloaded this app in their device. The Dragon game is relatively large or small in size depending on the device the gamer is using as it is 93.5 MB. Downloading it takes approximately five minutes with sufficient internet and it is 8.5 version.

Various settings that can be adjusted in the game

Although this game comes with some intact settings, there are some that the player can change once they have downloaded it into their devices. Some of these settings include:

  • To make playing the game more fun, the game can decide to enable vibration when playing it.
  • This application also gives the user the right of adding more information on the external storage.
  • The game is also able to activate an app that allows them to receive messages through Cloud Messaging.
  • Other than adding information, the user will also be able to get all the necessary information about a network.
  • Other than obtaining information about a network, they will also be able to get details about the Wi-Fi network.
  • As indicated above, the user will not only be able to add information to external storage but also access the saved information on the external storage.

Advantages of the Dragon City Game Hack

This game gives the player peace of mind as they don’t risk losing money in any way.

  • The lowest operation system the player can use to download and install this game is android 4.0.3.
  • For the new players, they are allowed to play using love dragon, music dragon, pure and also mummy dragon.
  • Although this game is free, one can opt to purchase gems which are the credit for McCartney. At the same time, the player can decide to look for deals. The most common deals available are Deus-Pet Dragon which gives the player 50 gems.

The safety of Dragon City game to kids

Although many online games are recommended for young adults who are above 18 years of age, it can also be played by children as young as fourteen years of age. However, for children under the age of 18 years, they will need to seek their parent’s consent and guidance before participating in the game. This is because; one needs to own a social media account which might expose them to restricted information.

The application is, however, safe and ensures it keeps your information safe except the ones the player provides to a third party especially during surveys to try and earn more gems. It is also essential for the parents to know the concept of this game before they allow their children to play it. This will not only give them some peace of mind, but it will also help them guide their children when playing the game.

It is also the duty and responsibility of the parents of minor players to give them the right guidance when purchasing the in-app before downloading any item. They should also discuss the information privacy and guide them on what needs to remain secretive.


The Dragon Hack game is one of the best, fun and engaging battle games on social media. The game’s popularity has grown at a very high rate because it can comfortably be played even by young people as young as 14 years of age. At the same time, this game is free. Hence the gamers can enjoy it any time of the day wherever they are.